How do I defrost my food?

Defrost all frozen food in the refrigerator over night for best  results. If you need item sooner, you can place the product in a bowl under running water and the defrost time will vary by product. Allow seafood to defrost fully before beginning the cooking process.

Why do other companies suggest that I remove the seafood from the packaging to defrost?

By removing the seafood from its provided packaging, it allows for oxygen to enter the fish and keep it fresh and clean. By having it remain in the packaging, this can result in unwanted bacterial growth (not the Domestic standard)! We package all our fish in a film called OTR (oxygen transmission rate). This allows oxygen to enter without the seal being broken (we know, pretty cool). no need to remove the fish from the package. just grab what you will need for tomorrow and throw it in the fridge!

How fresh IS my fish?

Your shipment is shipped to you almost right after it is caught from the sea. While many options for seafood over a 'fresh' alternative, that means it was caught, cut, and may have been sitting on ice for weeks before it was shipped to you. Our #freshlyfrozen process allows for the fish to be cut, packaged, frozen and then shipped directly to your door. This option is not only fast, but the healthiest option for you.

Is shipping included in the price?
Just order $100 or more and the shipping is on us!

Should I cook my food immediately or can I cook it tomorrow?

You can freeze everything and cook it when you are ready or take out what you need and it cook it tonight. Some of our products are better cooked from frozen. if you have questions, just use the 'contact us' form and we will help you out.

How do I track my shipment?

Enter the tracking number that you received in your confirmation email at www.ups.com and you will see where it is.

Should I freeze the food?

Yes, keep all the products frozen until you are ready to cook with exception of charcuterie and crabmeat.

What happens if my packages arrive late?

We work with UPS to ensure that all packages are shipped priority overnight but sometimes things happen. If your package arrives late, please make sure that the product is still frozen. It does not have to be frozen solid, just frozen in the core. Place the product in your freezer and defrost, cook and enjoy when you ready.

Can I change items after my order is scheduled?

As long as you decide to change items close to completing your order, it should not be a problem. Just email us and we will make it happen. If the order has been packed and picked up by UPS, we will not be able to make changes.

Can I cancel or modify my order?

In order to cancel or modify an order, it has to be done prior to the order being packed.