Premium Blue Label Smoked Salmon
Woodsmoke Provisions

Premium Blue Label Smoked Salmon

4.0 oz

Sliced & ready to eat.


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Sliced & ready to eat. Woodsmoke still prepares all their products by hand with extra-cold smoking for an incredible texture and flavor. Naturally high in omega-3 and gluten free. Their Premium Blue Label Sliced Smoked Salmon delivers the craftsmanship of the old world smoke masters. They use only responsibly raised Atlantic salmon from purveyors with the world's Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP certified). They hand-cure in the European tradition with the finest herbs and spices using a proprietary slow-smoking method that produces a superbly rich, buttery smoked salmon flavor reminiscent of the fine craft products from New York or Scotland. Their salmon is perfect traditionally on your bagel, as an appetizer or a healthy snack by itself. Proudly made in the USA.

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